This newly-curated tour is seamlessly crafted by the guides themselves, passionate aficionados of the interwar literary landscape. Not only do they recite and perform excerpts that transport you to the London of that era, in so doing Mike and Cindy offer insight into the socio-political climate of the time.

The warmth and charisma with which Mike and Cindy welcome us into this world nurtures a sense of connection and belonging irrespective of biblio-credentials, and when the tour concluded it felt like bidding adieu to family.

Róisín McGrogan

Never has learning been more fun!  Cindy and Mike were amazing guides, their knowledge is extraordinary and the passion they have for their subject is infectious.  Not only did they bring these incredible characters to life in the places they lived and worked, but they showed how their lives were interwoven and regaled us with scandalous stories of what they all got up to!

They gave me enough of a taste of the writers' work, at times moving and at others hilarious, to make me want to go out and read, read, read...

Gunna Finnsdottir

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A spectacular afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed it - it was great fun, fascinating and completely immersive. I learned such a lot and thought it was brilliantly constructed - weaving the stories and the journey. It flowed brilliantly and time flew! Thanks for a really memorable, inspiring afternoon.

Ella Turner
An unforgettable tour of London (St James's) and its literary haunts with two wonderful guides, Mike and Cindy, whose passion for writers, writing and the city itself is so infectious!  I thoroughly recommend it - in fact, my brother and I think it's one of the very best tours in London!

Max Montebello
What a great tour. Time flew as we walked and heard about the rich literary history of the streets of St James’s, London, and how less than six degrees separated some of the country’s most renowned literary figures. Made entertaining with quotes and poetry. Performed from memory with passion, warmth and charm. Excellently researched by Cindy and Mike. Thoroughly recommended.

Rakie Ayola
Thrilling afternoon with Mike and Cindy, threading through St James’s, calling up the ghosts of Woolf, Sassoon, the Sitwells, Waugh, Huxley, Greene, Coward.  “Tour” doesn’t do it justice – “promenade performance art” more like.

Stephen Dace
This tour was one of the best things I've ever done in London. I learnt about St James's, its history and importance. It brought to life writers I knew and introduced me to ones I hadn't yet met. All done in an accessible and informative way with plenty of performance and laughter thrown in.  Mike and Cindy are great guides to the area and its literary, cultural and political history.

Penny Vivian
A thoroughly unique and enlightening experience. I was educated and entertained by Cindy and Mike's humorous and passionate delivery. An unforgettable afternoon.

Dave Barbarossa
A splendid Saturday morning out!  The lives of so many famous authors of the 20th century were woven together into a fascinating tapestry as we ambled about peaceful St James's.  Mike and Cindy put on a dazzling performance, breathing life into beautiful passages of both poetry and prose.  A lovely walk, a learning experience, and a wonderful show all in one.

Reid and Emily Ashby

I was delighted to be able to join the 'St James's Tour' on a sunny Saturday morning.  Right from the start, the novels of Virginia Woolf, Graham Greene, Ian Fleming, Evelyn Waugh, Aldous Huxley and Rose Macaulay were brought vividly to life.  Cindy and Mike are founts of knowledge about literary London, the scandalous affairs of London society between the wars, and the spies that were recruited in the St James's gentlemen's clubs.

This tour wasn't like anything I'd experienced before; the level of knowledge and love of books was astounding.  We were treated to great performances of novel excerpts and poems at each stop, and we got to see corners of London I would never have found on my own.

I love literature but I don't like it too dry; this was anything but.  Lots of laughter and great stories from start to finish. The tour was extremely well organised and amazingly good value.  I really can't recommend it too highly!

Amanda Price

I did the St James's tour - and what a great morning I had!  This was packed full of interesting information, with books I'd read and books I hadn't both coming alive on the tour... made all the more interesting because of the locations that were so central to the books being utilised so well.

Mike and Cindy really know so much and want to share it with you - but this is far from a dry lesson. It takes you on a metaphorical and a literal journey as you find out about some painful forgotten stories as well as hearing some hilarious anecdotes!  I have come away inspired to read some old favourites again, as well as feeling that I will now see the London that I thought I knew in new ways.  Highly recommended.

Nic Fryer