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St. James's has long attracted gents who relish luxury and indulgence, perhaps best epitomised by the inimitable Noel Coward and his friend Ian Fleming. Its gentlemen’s clubs have counted Evelyn Waugh and Siegfried Sassoon as members, and its residents have included Graham Greene and Aldous Huxley. Within the prestigious walls of the London Library they might well have run into Virginia Woolf and Edith Sitwell. All these writers' lives intersected, and we reveal their friendships and feuds -- and what they really thought about each other!

This tour takes place on some Wednesday afternoons and most Saturday mornings, and pre-booking is essential. The price is £25 per person. Click on 'Book Tour' to see the available dates.

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We welcome enquires from private individuals and parties for tours at times outside our scheduled slots.

Because we can take around groups of only four at present, we are willing to offer all private tours at the same price as public tours: £25 per person.

Once restrictions are eased, the price for private tours will change, though larger parties -- for instance, student groups or book clubs -- can come at a discounted rate.

We can tailor tours to suit the needs and interests of guests. Small groups may wish to take up our extended tour package, which includes refreshments at an establishment patronised by our writers and, if desired, visits to some of their favourite shops.

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2.5 hours

Sexy and 'out there', Soho has been a home, a heaven and a refuge to writers and visionaries. Come join the (generally very bibulous) circle that at one time or another included Dylan Thomas, George Orwell, Brendan Beehan and Jeffrey Bernard, and discover the Soho connections of women like Sylvia Plath and Dorothy L. Sayers.