Private group tours by appointment

The Sitwells

Walk in the footsteps of Mrs Dalloway buying her flowers, join two riotous parties for ground-breaking publications, witness the disruption of a Futurist lecture, hear performance poetry that divided critics and enjoy the shenanigans of fashionable, pleasure-seeking 20-somethings. 

Tailored to both sixth formers and undergraduates, this tour of Mayfair and St James’s is for students of literature who want to discover more about the life and work of some big names in Modernism and their contemporaries. 

We bring these writers to life, with sensational biographical stories and extracts from their diaries and letters. We recite poems and perform scenes from novels and plays. We visit key sites with strong links to the writers to develop understanding of their relationships with one another and this swanky and decadent part of London in the first half of the 20th century, drawing out some key themes in their work:

  • politics & war
  • gender & sexuality
  • science & industry
  • morality & religious faith.

“I just wanted to write and say a huge thank you to you both for your amazing tour on Friday.  We absolutely loved it! The more I've thought through the experience, the more I realise how brilliant it was. You struck the perfect balance between it being informative and engaging and you absolutely brought the writers to life. Thank you both so much for your enthusiasm and incredible attention to detail.”

Priya Nair (English teacher)

Writers you’ll meet in Mayfair and St James’s:

Virginia Woolf

T S Eliot

Hilda Doolittle

Aldous Huxley
Edith Sitwell

D H Lawrence

Wyndham Lewis

Evelyn Waugh
Nancy Cunard

Ezra Pound

Rose Macaulay

Noel Coward

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This is a private tour for student groups. meaning that we can be very flexible with regard to start times and duration. The full tour lasts approximately 3 hours, but we can give a shorter version according to the needs of your group.

Prices depend upon requirements and group sizes, but we offer a discounted private tour rate for student groups. 

To arrange a tour with us, please use our Contact page, or email Mike ( stating potential date(s), proposed group size, start time, duration etc. Alternatively, call Mike on 07809 860855 to discuss the needs of your group and book a date. 

Tours take place entirely outside and involve a considerable amount of walking. 

The tour will start at an arranged rendezvous near Piccadilly Circus.